Fall chinook limit drops for Hanford Reach

The daily limit of adult fall chinook in the Hanford Reach near the Tri-Cities, WA, has dropped to just 1 because of low returns on the Columbia River. Low returns of chinook and coho are limiting the fishery.


There might be some traditional drawbacks, but the BioLite Fire Pit gives you a perfect campfire every time

When you're camping, using a Bluetooth app on your phone to control the size of your campfire sounds like a joke, right? However, the BioLite Fire Pit lets you enjoy the sound, smell, and warmth of a traditional campfire with one major exception – there's hardly any smoke. The fire pit features an integrated fan that injects air into the fire across 51 jests, which dramatically improves combustion and nearly eliminates smoke. You no longer have to shuffle around the chairs depending on the direction of the wind. The fire is contained by a see-through mesh, which provides 360-degree views of the flames.


Wina Sturgeon: There are ways to shut down the group bully

There's one in every group, whether it's in an office, a classroom or on an athletic team. It's the group jerk; a bully who picks on others with demeaning or aggressive comments, perhaps giving a shove or two that backs up his or her bullying tactics. If the bully is an adult, the tactics may be more subtle; gossip or innuendo that will sabotage a reputation or a career, or distract a player.


Spencer McKee: Recommended pieces of gear for climbing a Colorado fourteener

With a huge number of people looking to bag a 14,000-foot summit for the first time, delivering education about climbing Colorado's mountains has become more crucial than ever. As experienced hikers know, the process starts long before one hits the trailhead – with thorough research. Part of that research means picking out and packing the right gear for the journey. I'll outline a few key things to look for when packing gear for a fourteener climb, as well as cover a few of my favorite items to bring for the journey.


Wildfire smoke, safety and health concerns: 6 things to know

By mid-August, more than 6 million acres have burned across the United States due to wildfires. This has led many to raise questions about health risks that are associated with the smoke produced from blazes of this magnitude. Unfortunately, all that haze can have some real and lasting effects on health. Here are a few things you should know about how wildfire smoke might be hurting you and how you can take preventative steps to diminish the risks.


The new Mission Rover combines best attributes of a suitcase and backpack

Travelers who like to stay nimble are likely to opt for a backpack on their latest adventure. But that isn't necessarily the easiest way to stay organized – or keep from having to check a bag. The new Mission Rover by Mystery Ranch combines the best attributes of both a suitcase and a backpack, providing a 43-liter piece of luggage that also works as a carry-on. The pack features a zippered clamshell design that allows you to open it like a book and access zippered dividers on each side to organize your clothes.

Mountain goats get a chopper ride as relocation from Olympics begins

A coalition of state and federal agencies have begun moving mountain goats from Olympic National Park to the northern Cascades to re-establish the depleted population there and reduce problems caused in the Olympics by non-native goats.