David Murphy: What does Machado’s contract tell us about what it will take for the Phillies to land Harper?

Turns out, there was only a certain amount stupid that the Phillies were willing to go. At least, that was the case when it came to Manny Machado. Ten years and $300 million might sound like a lot of coin to schlubs like us, but when you consider the unprecedented nature of his free agency, that sum is on the low side of the spectrum one might have expected when John Middleton and the Phillies declared themselves open for business earlier this offseason.


Justin Turner feeling ‘psychotic’ after Dodgers’ back-to-back World Series losses

Two days after Manny Machado waved the final, feeble swing of the 2018 World Series, Justin Turner pointed his car toward Dodger Stadium. He lives in Los Angeles during the offseason, so the drive was not far, and the idea of wallowing disgusted him. So he met with the strength and conditioning staff to yet again plot the path toward a championship for 2019, aiming for a summit the Dodgers have not scaled in 31 seasons.