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Even superheroes need courage on the 'battlefield'

Spiritual Life writer Micah Smith relates the story of his U.S. Marine Corps "superhero" friend who was awarded the Silver Star. This courageous soldier, supported by his faith in God, is echoed by "superheroes" in the Bible. All demonstrate our need for faith in a faithful God on life's battlefield.

Spiritual Life

A 'have to' in life doesn't become a 'get to' without God's mercy

Spiritual Life writer Rev. Jan Griffin talks openly about suddenly becoming her sister's caretaker and the feeling of being overburdened by the situation. Where once the idea of changing a "have to" into a "get to" seemed a simple way to turn a burden into a blessing, Griffin now found it impossible — until she discovered God's mercy.

Spiritual Life

Caught with your 'pants down'? Take a moment to find grace

Spiritual Life writer Rev. Micah Smith recalls an embarrassing event that took place on a trail run. He compares the incident to life and how we are at times, "caught with our pants down" as were the man and woman caught in a disgraceful situation in John 8. But when we are "found out" and then come to Jesus, there is grace, forgiveness and mercy.

Snakes in church? What to know about Appalachian serpent handling

Appalachian snake handling began in the early 20th century and is still practiced in some rural communities.