Bail cut for 13-year-old accused in Pasco drive-by

Two teenagers appeared in Benton-Franklin Juvenile Court on Thursday after being accused in a Pasco drive-by shooting last week.
Two teenagers appeared in Benton-Franklin Juvenile Court on Thursday after being accused in a Pasco drive-by shooting last week. Tri-City Herald

A competency evaluation was ordered Thursday for a 13-year-old suspect in two recent Tri-City shootings.

And his bail was reduced.

Miguel Jimenez-Dickerson Jr. is being held at the Benton-Franklin Juvenile Detention Center in Kennewick for allegedly opening fire at a Pasco apartment building on Labor Day weekend.

In arguing to keep his bail set at $75,000, Franklin County Deputy Prosecutor Laura Mapes said the teen is also under investigation for a Benton County felony assault in July, as well as two misdemeanor assaults in April.

“All of that is extremely concerning to the state, regardless of his age. It’s obviously more concerning that at 13, he has potentially two class A felonies,” Mapes said. “I don’t think it’s excessive at $75,000.”

But his defense attorney, Karyn Oldfield, said his bail is too high.

“I know that these are serious charges. I know that the court is not going to not put bail in place, but we think for the 13-year-old with no criminal history, $75,000 is excessive,” she argued.

His cousin, Keyon Trayvont Dickerson, 14, is facing the same charges for his part in the same crime. His bail was set Wednesday at $2,500.

Mapes said Miguel Jimenez-Dickerson fired several shots after getting out of a black Honda sedan on the 800 block of South Eighth Avenue on Sept. 2.

Investigators found nine .40-caliber shell casings on the road, in addition to bullet holes and damage to a parked car and two apartment doors. People were in the four-plex at the time, said investigators.

“Somebody could have died,” Mapes said. “It’s lucky that somebody didn’t die. It could have been a lot of worse than it already is.”

Across the river in Benton County, police believe Traybion T. Dickerson, 27, and Kenyatta T. Turner, 34, ordered two teen boys to shoot Sergio Rivera in Richland’s Howard Amon Park on July 4. Rivera was seriously wounded.

The teens are not named in court documents.

But police have said Traybion Dickerson is related to Jimenez-Dickerson and Keyon Dickerson.

Richland Police Detectives used rakes and a metal detector to search for evidence buried in the ground and grass at the Fourth of July shooting scene in Howard Amon Park near the Community Center. File Tri-City Herald

On Thursday, the teens’ mothers and grandmother were in juvenile court to say they would supervise the boys if they are released on bail.

Oldfield criticized using the potential assaults to keep Jimenez-Dickerson locked up. Family members promised they could keep him out of trouble.

Commissioner Jacqueline Stam agreed to lower his bail to $40,000. If he is released, Jimenez-Dickerson will be required to stay in his house until the trial.

“This is a very serious charge,” Stam said. “And these are very serious allegations.”

Oldfield also asked for a psychologist to examine whether Jimenez-Dickerson is competent to stand trial. He is expected to be back in court in two weeks.

His 14-year-old cousin will be back in court next week to enter a plea because a new court-appointed attorney was needed after his first attorney said she had a conflict.

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