The Tri-City Herald’s 2018 election recommendations

Read the Tri-City Herald election recommendations for 2018.
Read the Tri-City Herald election recommendations for 2018. Getty Images/iStockphoto

As of today, we have made recommendations in 14 candidate races and six ballot measures. We met with candidates and with representatives on both sides of controversial statewide initiatives. Once we made our decision, we let you know and we tried to provide a thoughtful analysis of why we made the choice we did.

Now it’s your turn.

Voters should have received their ballots in the mail by now, and for those who already have voted – good for you. To everyone else: do your research, fill out your ballots and return them by the Nov. 6 election.

To help with those who want more information, here is a list of all our election recommendations over the past two months.

To go beyond the list, online readers can click on the race or ballot measure you are interested in and a link should take you to the editorial explaining our position.

For our print readers, find this edit online or conduct a search on your computer for our particular editorials.

We will weigh in on the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Senator Maria Cantwell and Republican Challenger Susan Hutchison in the Sunday print edition and sooner online.

Here are our recommendations:


U.S. Senator: Maria Cantwell (D)

4th District, Congress – Dan Newhouse (R)

State Legislature:

8th District, Senate – Sharon Brown (R)

8th District, House Pos. 1 – Shir Regev (D)

8th District, House Pos. 2 – Matt Boehnke (R)

9th District, House Pos. 1 – Jenn Goulet (D)

9th District, House Pos. 2 – Matthew Sutherland (D)

16th District, House Pos. 1 – Everett Maroon (D)

16th District, House Pos. 2 – Rebecca Francik (D)

Franklin County

Franklin County Commission – Zahra Roach (D)

Franklin County Coroner – Dan Blasdel (R)

Franklin County Auditor – Matt Beaton (R)

Franklin County Clerk – Michael Killian (R)

Franklin County Fire District 3 Proposition 1 – Approve

Benton County

Benton County Commission – Lori Sanders (R)

Benton County Coroner – William “Bill” Leach (R)

State Measures

Initiative 1631 (carbon fee) – No

Initiative 1634 (grocery tax) – No

Initiative 940 (police use of force) – Yes

Initiative 1639 (gun regulations) – No

Advisory Vote No. 19 (oil pipeline tax) – Yes