Update: Hikers asked to stay off another popular Tri-Cities trail, but not just yet

Hikers are asked to stay off Candy Mountain Preserve south of West Richland for two weeks, but can still hike the trail there through this weekend.

Contractor Goodman & Mehlenbacher Enterprises was expected to start grading and paving Private Road 669 NE, the gravel private road from Dallas Road to the trailhead parking lot, on Aug. 12.

However the start of work was delayed by a week to Aug. 19.

Although the park will not be technically closed, Benton County parks officials said it would help the paving work if the contractor does not have to contend with traffic to the parking lot.

Last week, Richland officials encouraged Badger Mountain hikers to continue to stay off a main trail there while engineers study how to rebuild steps up a particularly steep stretch of hillside.