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Video shows no assault by a coach at a Mid-Columbia football game, police say

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Video reportedly shows that rumors that a coach assaulted a player at a River View High football game Friday night at College Place appears to be unfounded, according to College Place police.

Officer Dylan Schmick told the Herald on Monday that the incident was not formally reported to police. But officers who were at the field at the end of the game were told there had been an incident.

A review of video showed that at one point there was a heated exchange along the sidelines involving some players from both teams.

Coaches were in the process of separating the players when the River View coach appeared to trip and fall in the midst of several people.

Both the coach and a College Place player went down, Schmick said. The video showed the coach helping the player up and then patting him on the helmet.

Bryan Long, the Finley School District director of student learning and human resources, said the district also was looking into the matter after hearing accusations from people in College Place.