Letters to the Editor

Letters: Oct. 18, 2019

Ed Pacheco can bring new direction

I have known Ed Pacheco for several years and worked with him on a few projects and feel he would be a great addition to Kennewick city government. With the turn the current council has taken as of late, I feel it is time for a new direction.

I fully support Ed Pacheco and encourage all Kennewick residents to look at Ed’s ideas for the city because re-electing the same people will get us nowhere.

Travis Brett, Kennewick

Devagupta among great candidates

I am happy to see good candidates running for the Richland School Board, including Rama Devagupta. Rama is passionate about making our schools the best that they can be, and to foster trust and respect. I have seen Rama in action as the coach for my son’s Destination Imagination team. She is proven to be dependable and capable, even taking the team to the state competition.

I know that she will make a good member on the Richland School Board.

Laurie McDonald, Richland

Rep. Newhouse should be replaced

Republican Newhouse needs to be replaced should he choose to run again. Newhouse’s recent statement characterized the impeachment process as a “media spectacle.” These are weasel words that disguise his party-ahead-of-country priorities. His statement denies the validity of the 10 thoroughly documented instances of obstruction of justice brought forward by the Justice Department, and much, much more.

Newhouse is yet another Tri-Cities Republican who sold out the public to favor his own political and financial future. It is the way Republicans have operated since the George W. Bush debacle with Iraq and more.

Republicans have taken the position that the president cannot be investigated, thus abrogating the checks and balances central to our democracy. This is un-American and must not be allowed to stand.

Furthermore, the Republican regime’s alignment with Russian interests over our own has hurt us badly. With Republican leadership we have fewer allies, fewer willing trade partners, and they are spoiling for yet another needless war, now with Iran. Why isn’t Newhouse standing up for us?

Let’s stop this. Put pressure on Newhouse to represent the American people’s interests ahead of his party’s. We must remove Trump from office ASAP and sleazy Newhouse in due time.

Ivar Husa, Richland

Sundvik is perfect tor KSD board

Diane Sundvik, who is running for the Kennewick School Board, is the best choice!

During her tenure in the district (29 years), she worked on the professional staff development district committee as well as the bond and levy committees. This improved her skills/knowledge in researching, planning, funding, training, curriculum and materials for all the certificated staff.

Diane is a proponent of music and the arts as yet another way to learn and succeed in life. To that end she has most recently paired with local, state and national legislators to fully fund all of the avenues of public education. The variety of STEM, honors classes and general education inclusive of art and music classes must be available to all students throughout their academic careers.

Our school board membership requires hands-on knowledge of both teachers and students in our schools. Decisions must be based on a comprehensive, evidence-based research information as well as the financial aspect. Staff and families must both be heard by the school board. Diane is the perfect person to breach this gap, with an educated, kind, practiced listening ear. My vote is for Diane. I hope you will find her to be your choice as well.

Mary Jo Wilkins, Kennewick

Vote Guettner for Pasco council

I am asking you to please elect Patrick Guettner to the Pasco City Council. He is the right person for the job and represents Pasco values.

His opponent was referred to as a “progressive voice. . .” in the Tri-City Herald. She is also recommended in the current Progressive Voters Guide, Progressive Voters Guide.

When I think of the “progressive” cities run by progressive city councils, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles come to mind. We know the turmoil, homelessness, drugs and crime and these cities are experiencing. My hope is that Pasco not be run by progressives and become like them. I never want to see a video/article entitled, “Is Pasco Dying?”

A vote for Patrick is a vote for a well educated person with decades of diverse experience/commitment to service. He will work with you, other council members and city staff to keep taxes and city fees as low as possible. He will work to promote the values we hope to instill in our residents. He will work to keep Pasco the vibrant, growing, welcoming community it is.

Please vote for Patrick Guettner for Pasco City Council.

Patrick Crawford, Pasco

Mastaler the pick for school board

As a citizen of Kennewick and an employee of the Kennewick School District, the vote for School Board Position 5 is a very easy choice in Pat Mastaler.

Pat is a family man, a people person, a leader in our community and a firm believer in public education. He has the resume that we want making decisions for our school district and our children. Pat has been on the KSD Facilities Committee for 17 years and the KSD Levy and Bond Committee for 12 years. He has also been on the Junior Achievement Board of Directors for the past 17 years, and the YMCA Board of Directors as treasurer for the past 5 years. Pat also has past service on the American Red Cross Board of Directors, the United Way and the Turkey Trot Fundraiser Chair.

On top of his volunteer work, Pat has 34 years of finance management experience on multi-million- and billion-dollar programs. This experience and volunteer work would make him invaluable in supporting budgetary decisions in the KSD.

Please join me in voting for easily the best choice for Position 5. Pat is a man of integrity and someone we truly need leading our schools in Kennewick.

Chad Foltz, Kennewick

Lemley an adept leader in Richland

I have been a Richland resident since 2001 and have known Phil Lemley since 2008.

During that time, I have watched Phil serve this community, both as a Richland City councilman and as a board member of an organization dedicated to helping developmentally disabled individuals, Tri-Cities Residential Services (TCRS). Phil takes both responsibilities seriously, and I can tell you from personal experience as a current TCRS board member and past president that he has done an outstanding job as the current president of the TCRS Board of Directors. He guides and builds consensus among the members.

Phil is an adept leader, a trait I believe he has brought and will brings as a city councilman.

Carl Connell, Richland