Letters to the Editor

Letter: Amusing, foolish but not surprising

It's difficult to understand why so many media outlets, not including Fox, of course, are giving Trump credit for extraordinary leadership that produced our current robust economy. However, if you examine any of the common parameters that portray the economic health of this nation, there is no doubt that recovery from the Bush/Greenspan economic collapse in 2008 started even before President Obama's inauguration and continued through Obama/Yellen's terms.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Metric system makes lots of sense

There has been a slow quiet insurrection occurring in the United States. Very slowly mechanics and technicians have shifted to the metric system. Bicycle wheel bolts are most likely to be 14mm rather than half inch. Chemistry classes in high school use 250ml and 500ml beakers, no cups and pints.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Francik knows our area’s key issues

In Rebecca Francik, the voters of the 16th District have the opportunity to send a smart, experienced, and independent voice to Olympia. A lifelong resident of Eastern Washington, Rebecca knows this region. In her 21 years on the Pasco City Council, during which Pasco more than doubled in population, Rebecca has first-hand experience with just about every problem local government can face. During her tenure on the city council, she was known for her integrity, hard work and sensible decision-making. Rebecca approaches problems with an open mind. She gathers the facts and takes them into account when reaching her conclusions.

Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

Letter: City leadership ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

The top three candidates for Richland police chief have been interviewed and rejected. The city manager is now beginning an outside search for new candidates. The first of the three top candidates rejected was Capt. Mike Cobb, a long-term resident of Richland, father of a young man now on the Pasco police force, known to be an a political straight shooter and son of a Vietnam-era veteran with the 101st Army Airborne Division.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pleased to read about labor talks

Thank you Tri City Herald for the news story regarding Benton County Corrections Officers contract negotiations and safety concerns. At a time when union membership is under attack due to the recent U.S. Supreme Court Janus decision, it’s good to read about organized workers who are standing up for a livable wage and safer working conditions.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: No workers, so what’s getting done

I did not realize how technologically advanced the construction industry has advanced. A fine example is the bridge over the Columbia river on I 82. I drive over the bridge on a regular basis and seldom see a worker. It would be fascinating to learn how the equipment operates on its own.

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Carbon tax, dam removal at odds

I find it highly ironic that we have a ballot measure before us authorizing a tax on fossil fuels while the state simultaneously engages in a serious discussion to remove the Snake River dams, our primary source of clean, fossil fuel-free energy. Where is the sense in all this?

Letters to the Editor

Letter: Anonymous pieces don’t deserve ink

I think actor Wilford Brimley playing James A. Wells, assistant U. S. Attorney General, in the movie, "Absence of Malice" said it best. "We can't have people go around leaking stuff for their own reasons. It ain't legal. And worse than that, by God it ain't right." I also think it ain't right for a newspaper to print a letter to the editor or an op-ed piece authored by anonymous.

Coal miner to Trump: “Coal mining isn’t coming back”

A fifth-generation coal miner from Appalachia tells Trump his plan to loosen regulations on coal-fired plants not only is harmful to the environment, but also bad for the future of the region.