Just freed in a murder case, this woman is accused of beating a woman, making her smoke meth

Kennewick woman heading to prison for helping cover up murder

Guadalupe Sanchez pleads guilty in Franklin County Superior Court for rendering criminal assistance in the death of Michelle Hundall in 2018.
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Guadalupe Sanchez pleads guilty in Franklin County Superior Court for rendering criminal assistance in the death of Michelle Hundall in 2018.

A Kennewick woman is in trouble again two weeks after being sentenced for her involvement in the death of a West Richland mother.

In the most recent incident, Guadalupe A. Sanchez, 28, was one of two women who allegedly broke into a Pasco motel room Tuesday night and beat a woman until her screams attracted the attention of neighbors and police.

Sanchez was sentenced May 21 to a year and three months in prison after pleading guilty to helping move Michelle Hudnall’s body to an embankment where it was rolled into the Columbia River.

By the time she was sentenced in the Hudnall case, Sanchez had already served 371 days of her sentence. She was released from custody a week after her sentencing, on May 28.

Tuesday night’s incident started when a 26-year-old Kennewick woman, Taryn Norman, stopped by the Loyalty Inn on Lewis Street to talk to Sanchez, according to court records.

The conversation turned into an argument, which kept getting interrupted by Norman’s cellphone, making Sanchez more angry, court records said. When Sanchez tried to grab the phone, Norman resisted, and Samantha A. Tijerina, 26, grabbed Norman by the throat and the two started attacking Norman, records indicate.

They allegedly forced Norman to smoke meth, tried to gag her and hit her with a wooden baton, court records said.

Screams attracted attention

Norman’s screams attracted the attention of other people in the motel, who called police. When officers arrived, Sanchez and Tijerina tried to quiet Norman, but she refused to be silent.

Officers broke into the room and found Norman on her knees, a baton on the bed and duct tape on the floor of the bathroom.

Medical crews took Norman to Lourdes Medical Center for treatment. She had bruises, scrapes and burns around her mouth.

Officers later learned that the room was supposed to be vacant, so Pasco police are investigating for possible burglary charges.

Sanchez and Tijerina are being held in Franklin County jail on $50,000 bail on a 72-hour investigative hold. They were booked for second-degree assault, unlawful imprisonment and making threats.

Helped with a homicide

Sanchez pleaded guilty in May in Franklin County Superior Court to first-degree rendering criminal assistance. The charge was reduced from second-degree murder.

Judge Carrie Runge followed the recommended term at the bottom of the sentencing range. The maximum range was five months longer.

Hudnall, 40, who grew up in Burbank, became a certified nursing assistant and worked as an in-home caregiver.

Pasco police and prosecutors said she was killed May 13, 2018, while riding around in her van with Benny Rodriguez Lozano Jr. and Florentino Jai Castillo.

She was missing for nearly two months before people found her remains near Carbody Beach.

The two men are scheduled to go to trial in late September.

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