Public Records

Mid-Columbia building permits for week ending May 5

Columbia Bells LLC, 2718 W. Kennewick Ave., Kennewick, commercial addition, $850,000; heat pump/hvac, $41,000; plumbing, $60,000.

KRG Building LLC, 620 E. Bruneau Ave., Kennewick, tenant improvement, $12,000.

South Hill Plaza LLC, 4303 W. 27th Ave., Kennewick, commercial remodel, $12,000; heat pump/hvac, $9,525.

Jaya Holdings LLC, 5711 W. Albany Place, Kennewick, three duplexes, $$1,114,158.

Vista Field Industrial, 6416 W. Hood Place, Kennewick, tenant improvement, $279,000; plumbing, $22,450; heat pump/hvac, $15,162.

Hapo Community Credit Union, 7601 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, tenant improvement, $25,000.

The Archibald Company LLC, 6902 W. Clearwater Ave., Kennewick, sign, $9,500.

Port of Kennewick, 315 E. Columbia Drive, Kennewick, commercial remodel, $12,288; fence/retaining wall, $47,712.

HTG International LLC, 3312 W. Metaline Place, Kennewick, demolition, $12,000.

Bonanza LLC, 1605 W. 36th Ave., Kennewick, heat pump/hvac, $8,200.

Kevin Bacon Investments, 8131 W. Grandridge Blvd., Kennewick, heat pump/hvac, $5,500.

Goodwill Industries, 3521 W. Court St. Suite B, Pasco, commercial, $320,889.

Jay Brantingham, 2710 Travel Plaza Way, Pasco, commercial, $1,068,090.

Franklin County, 6600 Burden Blvd., Pasco, commercial addition, $204,386.

Pasco School District, 616 N. Wehe Ave., Pasco, commercial remodel, $40,000.

Pasco School District, 1616 W. Octave St., Pasco, commercial remodel, $40,000.

Pasco School District, 1915 N. 22nd Ave., Pasco, commercial remodel, $40,000.

Tri-Cities Prep Catholic School, 9612 St. Thomas Drive, Pasco, commercial remodel, $5,000.

BNSF Railway Company, Parcel 112 353 196, Pasco, sign, $22,726.

NW Farm Supply, 451 Wine Country Road, Prosser, fire alarm system, $30,315.

Mercer Wine Estates LLC, 3100 Lee Road, Prosser, commercial addition, $10,000.

Bethel Church of Richland, 613 Sixth St., Prosser, commercial remodel, $38,000.

Zirkle Fruit Company, 101 Benitz Road, Prosser, commercial remodel, $20,000.

Benton Rural Electric Association, 402 Seventh St., Prosser, heat pump/hvac, $5,879.

NW Farm Supply, 451 Wine County Road, Prosser, fence/retaining wall, $12,000.

Tri-City Investors LLC, 1225 Guyer Ave., Richland, commercial, $500,000.

Fat Olives, 255 Williams Blvd., Richland, commercial addition, $57,094.

Westview Gardens LLC, 531 S. 38th Ave., West Richland, commercial addition, $40,000.

Core Development LLC, 2755 Friesian Court, West Richland, multi-family, $1,059,516.

Core Development LLC, 2790 Friesian Court, West Richland, duplexes, $353,172.