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The Mortgage Professor: Mortgage document deluge: Does new rule help?

For years, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau worked to integrate the mortgage loan disclosures required by the Truth in Lending Act, or TILA, and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act of 1974, or RESPA. The bureau's work, done under the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule, or TRID, resulted in new requirements that went into effect last October.

Real Estate

Real estate Q&A: Landlord may be liable for damage, but not tenant's hotel

Q: In January, my rented condominium flooded from the water heater upstairs. Luckily I was home, so the damage was minimal. The technician recommended that it be replaced, and I relayed this info to the owner. He doesn't intend to replace it, even though the association board recommended in writing that all owners replace water heaters due to their age. If it does leak and flood again, who is responsible for the damage and is the owner required to pay for a hotel while everything is being repaired?

Real Estate

Real estate Q&A: Tenant shocked that landlord wants to sell

Q: We are renting a house. About 60 days before the end of the lease, the property management company told us that the landlord decided to sell. This came as a shock because the last we chatted with the landlord, he was trying to confirm that we intended to renew the lease. This has not given us enough time to save for the extra startup expenses of a new lease. The real estate agent keeps contacting me to show the property, which is a major hassle. Is there anything we can do to be left alone until we have to get out of here?

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