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Sports & Rec for Monday, Aug. 3

Contract bridge


The following individuals placed in Unit 442, American Contract Bridge League sanctioned games during the period of June 15-July10.

Monday, June 15, Jerome Skinner Pairs: overall, 1st, Andy Hesser-Herb Wampole; 2nd, Duane Neitzel-Marge Gilmore; tie, 3rd/4th, Jane Hunt-Karen Demeritt, Dolly Amman- Joe Diven.

Tuesday, June 16, Kays Klub: overall, 1st, Zemmie Iedema-Audrey Pfluger; 2nd, Leroy Cain-Dave Brouwer; 3rd, Hsu-Jen Yang-Stuart Iedema.

Tuesday, June 16, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Stella Yu Chen-Larry Lang; 2nd, Carol Kerkow-Ann Roberts.

Wednesday, June 17, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, John Van Keuren-Usha Subramanyam; 2nd, Joe Diven-Zemmie Iedema; 4rd, Andy Hesser-Lynne Paasch; 4th, Corky Greenfield-Marge Gilmore.

Thursday June 18, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Patty Taylor-Mike Taylor; 2nd, Larry Lang-Dennis Craig; 3rd, Elsie Palmquist-Judy Taylor.

Friday, June 19, Afternoon Pairs: overall, 1st, Larry Lang-Brad Baker; 2nd, Staurt Iedema-Zemmie Iedema; 3rd, Marjorie Gilmore-Corky Greenfield; 4th, Joe Diven-Eric Giese.

Monday, June 22, Jerome Skinner Pairs; overall, 1st, Molly Ferguson-Dolly Amman; 2nd, Andy Hesser-Tom Edwards; 3rd, Karen Demeritt-Audrey Pfluger; 4th, Stuart Iedema-Zemmie Iedema.

Tuesday, June 23, Kays Klub NAP: overall, 1st, Larry Lang-Lynne Paasch; 2nd, Bruce Dudzik-Sherrye Lysiak; 3rd, Marilyn Steele-Duane Neitzel; tie, 4th/5th, Stuart Iedema-Zemmie Iedema, Peter Smith-George Sahler.

Tuesday, June 23, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Dave Brouwer-Doug Baxter; 2nd, Larry Lang-Brian Schrom; 3rd, Siglinde Koellner-Jean Loss.

Wednesday, June 24, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, Lynne Paasch-Andy Hesser; 2nd, Peter Smith-Joe Diven; 3rd, Dudley Brown-Audrey Pfluger; 4th, Nancy Shade-Terry Liu; tie, 5th/6th, John Van Keuren-Joe Kraus, Marilyn Steele-Dave Brower.

Thursday, June 25, Morning Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Marilyn Steele-Dennis Craig; 2nd, Diane Chesney-Kathryn Lang; 3rd, Patty Taylor-Mike Taylor.

Thursday, June 25, Three Rivers Club: overall, 1st, Tom Edwards-Dudley Brown; 2nd, Marjorie Gilmore-Bob Matsen; 3rd, Dan Hendry-Peter Smith; 4th, Tarene Collingham-Richard Collingham.

Friday, June 26, Afternoon Pairs: overall, 1st, Marilyn Hesser-Andy Hesser; 2nd, Jane Hunt-Bruce Dudzik; 3rd, Corky Greenfield-Marjorie Gilmore.

Monday, June 29, Jerome Skinner Pairs: overall, 1st, Andy Hesser-Larry Lang; 2nd, Jim Dukelow-Karen Demeritt; 3rd, Zemmie Iedema-Stuart Iedema; 4th, Jim Adams-Peter Smith.

Tuesday, June 30, Kays Klub: overall, 1st, Molly Ferguson-Carolann Williams; 2nd, Peter Smith-George Sahler; 3rd, Zemmie Iedema-Stuart Iedema.

Tuesday, June 30, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Lucie Fritz-Dolly Amman; 2nd, Normand Dominique-Michael Crowley; 3rd, Brian Schrom-David Orcutt.

Wednesday, July 1, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, Henry Chou-Usha Subramanyam; 2nd, Molly Ferguson-Carollann Williams; 3rd, Joe Diven-Lucie Fritz; tie, 4th-6th, Jane Hunt-Jim Adams, Jim Tritz-Nancy Shade, Larry Lang-John Feo.

Thursday, July 2, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Larry Lang-David Orcutt; 2nd, Patty Taylor-Mike Taylor; 3rd, Marilyn Steele-Dennis Craig.

Thursday, July 2, Unit Game: North/South, 1st, Marilyn Hesser-Joe Diven; 2nd, Hassan Mojtahedi-Joe Kraus; 3rd, Bruce Dudzik-Teri Bratt; 4th, Karen Demeritt-Corky Greenfield.

East/West, 1st, Dudley Brown-Larry Lang; 2nd, Marjorie Gilmore-Brad Baker; 3rd, Pat Pinto-Donna Parkes; 4th, Kay Teal-Herb Wampole.

Monday, July 6, Jerome Skinner Pairs: overall, 1st, Larry Lang-Andy Hesser; 2nd, Marilyn Steele-Normand Dominique; 3rd, Dolly Amman-Joe Diven; 4th, Herb Wampole-Marilyn Hesser; 5th, Zemmie Iedema-Jane Hunt.

Tuesday, July 7, Kays Klub: overall, 1st, Zemmie Iedema-Marilyn Hesser; 2nd, Dudley Brown-Usha Subramanyam; 3rd, Audrey Pfluger-Stuart Iedema; 4th, Brad Baker-Marilyn Steele.

Tuesday, July 7, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Normand Dominique-Dennis Craig; 2nd, Dolly Amman-Kay Teal.

Wednesday, July 8, Hanford Club: overall, 1st, Stuart Iedema-Chris Gorchels; 2nd, Kay Teal-Andy Hesser; 3rd, Dudley Brown-Audrey Pfluger; tie, 4th/5th, Dolly Amman-Joe Diven, Jim Tritz-Bob Matsen.

Thursday, July 9, Bridge Buddies: overall, 1st, Marilyn Steele-Lucie Fritz; 2nd, Richard Collingham-Tarene Collingham.

Thursday, July 9, Three Rivers Club: overall, 1st, Audrey Pfluger-Stuart Iedema; 2nd, Brad Baker-Jim Dukelow; tie, 3rd/4th, Richard Collingham-Tarene Collingham, Joe Divens-Tom Edwards.

Friday, July 10, NAP Friday Session: overall, 1st, Bruce Dudzik-Hassan Mojtahedi; 2nd, Hsu-Jen Yang-Audrey Pfluger.

Equestrian sports

2015 World Championship Ride & Tie

Klamath Falls, Ore.

June 27

Pasco’s Ben Volk and his partner, Heather Huggins of Monrovia, Calif., finished second overall with Volk’s 7-year-old horse, Marquitible Asset CCA, at the World Championship Ride & Tie event, finishing the event in 4:26.

Benton City’s R.G. Root and Jennifer Titus of Grants Pass, Ore., worked with Root’s horse, OFW Alivia, to finish 9th in 5:41.

Figure skating


Eleven members of the Tri-Cities Figure Skating Club and Toyota Arena Skating School competed in the Apple Ice Classic on June 20-21 in Wenatchee.

Pictured are back row, Rachel Greene 1st place, Basic 2 Free skate; Jordan Kirchhoff, Preliminary 7th place; Julia Haggard, 1st place, Freeskate 4; Abbey Brown, Freeskate 3, 1st place; Jessica Boyd, Basic 7 Freeskate, 2nd place, and 3rd place Showcase; Rachel Terminello, 8th place Prepreliminary.

Front row is Rhea Ahuja, 2nd place Basic Freeskate; Annika Hoekema, 1st place Showcase; Gracie Hammond, Basic 2 Freeskate, 1st place; Lyla Anderson, Basic 1 Freeskate 1st place. Not pictured is Rayna Carlson.



Ladies Golf League

June 24

Low Gross — Diana Kivett 46. Low net — Willie Vance 32; Nancy Sevigny 32. Least putts — Crystal Freeman 14.

July 1

Low gross — Diana Kivett 46. Low net — June Olander 30. Least putts — Holly Gould 14.


Ladies Club 3-6s tournament

June 25

1. Linda Powers and Bobbe Paulson, 81 (won playoff), $90; 2. Amanda Bjork and Darlene Peterson, 81, $60; 3. Jill Blom and Maria Guisasola, 84, $50; 4. Tye Bjork and Krista Paulson, 85, $40; 5. Maria McDonald McNamar and Pauline Hocking, 87, $30; 6. Amanda Hendler and Linda Judd, 88, $20.


62nd Annual Ladies Tumbleweed

June 13-14

Tournament Champions of the Field

Gross — Brooke Henderson (Canyon Lakes) 70-73—143, $175; Net — Vicki Sutor (TCCC) 66-64—130, $175.

First flight

Gross — 1. Dona Dunovant (Walla Walla CC) 75-75—150, $140; 2. Marcy Holt (Creek at Qualchan) 73-80—153, $100.

Net — 1. Tana Wyrick (TCCC) 64-70—134, $140; 2. Kim Cutsforth (Meadow Springs) 68-70—138, $120; 3. Heather Lee (TCCC) 67-72—139, $100; 4. Linda Powers (Canyon Lakes) 71-70—141, $80.

Second flight

Gross — 1. Linda Knapp (Harrington) 81-80—161, $140; 2. Chris Jacobsen (TCCC) 88-82—170, $100.

Net — 1. Melody Otness (Sun Willows) 68-66—134, $140; 2. Karen Govier (Evergreen GC) 71-64—135, $120; 3. Cheryl Miller (TCCC) 67-70—137, $100; 4. Anita Carlson (TCCC) 70-68—138, $80.

Third flight

Gross — 1. Jeanne Gardin (Coyote Run) 95-94—189, $140; 2. Carol Noel (TCCC) 96-94—190, $80; Judith Holden (Lakeview G&CC) 96-94—190, $80.

Net — 1. Deanna Bennett (Leavenworth) 71-62—133, $130; Linda Allen (Lakeview) 63-70—133, $130; 3. Denine Wallgren (TCCC) 69-72—141, $80; Ginny McDonald (TCCC) 68-73—141, $80.

Women’s 9-Hole Division

June 17

Chip-in: Annette Gordon.

June 24

Back Nine net

A Division — Kay Ottem 33. B Division — Marie Eubanks 33.

July 1

Front 9 Low net

A Division — Ev Abernethy 34.


Pasco Golfland

Sun Willows

West Richland Golf Course