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The Tri-Cities’ future is technology

We’re living in the Age of Technology. Everything is plugged in — your car, your thermostat, your fridge, even your doorbell.

You can’t get to work, do your job, order lunch, talk to your doctor, check out at the grocery store or communicate with your kids without technology.

We don’t use technology anymore, we consume it. The day of being disconnected is dead. Practically every business functions because of technology, and understanding how to maximize it is paramount to stay relevant.

While businesses are evolving because of the ever-changing technology that is around them, there are those companies that are helping to create and employ those technologies to help businesses thrive. Some of those companies are in our own backyard. In fact, there are more technology companies in the Tri-Cities than you know.

With this changing landscape of technology as a catalyst, the idea for the Tri-Cities Tech Summit was born.

The mission of the Tri-Cities Tech Summit is to create an environment to bring together local innovators and organizations of all types to share new technologies and discuss how technology and innovation is changing business and creating opportunities.

Through our efforts, we help support the community of local tech-minded individuals, business owners, integrators and innovators, and create an environment for sharing ideas, strengthening relationships and fostering growth.

This is our first year, and our first Summit. All speakers are from local companies, from start-ups to stalwarts, talking about topics like the future of agriculture, the transformation of rural America, the death of the laptop, the future of clean energy, and more.

We also have a panel on innovation to discuss how to better innovate personally, as part of a team, within your organization and in your community. The full speaker line-up can be seen on our website at

Technology and innovation are alive and well in the Tri-Cities. The Tri-Cities Tech Summit is an opportunity to learn what’s happening in our region, understand how to embrace the change that technology brings and create momentum for yourself, for your business and for your community.

Byron Martin and Ty Mulholland are part of the team hosting this event, which is made up of local businesses as well as the Tri-Cities Research District. Byron is Founder and CEO of Teknologize. Ty is President and CEO of Wildland.

If you go:

When: Friday, Sept. 14, 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Optional networking event at Goose Ridge on Thursday, Sept 13, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Where: Uptown Theatre, Richland

Cost: $39 per person, $49 for day-of-event registration. Event includes a free lunch and snacks during the day. Cost for Goose Ridge event is $10.