Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote for Initiative 732 to reduce climate harm and improve economy

Steve Ghan’s recent guest editorial (“Carbon tax proposal a practical step to limit climate change”) explained how Initiative 732 would reduce carbon emissions by taxing things like fossil fuels (the biggest culprit in our state). The higher cost of fuel and other carbon sources to consumers would be eased by returning the carbon tax to consumers, primarily by lowering the sales tax and eliminating the B&O tax.

It’s not a new, untested idea, as our neighbor to the north — British Columbia — has been doing essentially the same thing for eight successful years. We should follow their lead, and reap the advantages of doing so.

Some have argued it won’t make much of a difference, but realistically, averting climate change is not going to happen in one dramatic moment with everyone changing at once. It will happen — is happening — piece by piece, and each one makes it easier to get the next “piece” to join the effort.

So, please join me by voting for I-732 to reduce climate harm, and improve our economy. Because so much of our energy comes from hydropower, and increasingly solar and wind, it’s a good choice with very little risk.

Eric Greenwell, Richland