Letters to the Editor

Letter: Does anyone believe Trump would support Hanford cleanup?

Donald Trump was correct when he stated that he could shoot a person and it wouldn’t affect his support. While noting the loyalty of his base, he sarcastically acknowledged that their standards were so low that they would support a murderer. Whether belittling John McCain, mocking a disabled reporter, refusing to release his tax returns or equating his business dealings with the sacrifice of Gold Star parents, he has repeatedly acted and made statements that should disqualify him from serious consideration for president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton has a record of public service, specific policies to improve the lives of all Americans and experience at the state, national and international levels. While she has made mistakes, they pale next to Trump’s. She acknowledges her shortcomings and does not deny facts. If being “politically correct” means not making insulting and inflammatory comments, I’m all for political correctness.

Finally, does anyone in our community actually believe that Donald Trump would support the cleanup of Hanford? It has never been an economic, but rather a legal and moral commitment, similar to other commitments such as NATO or business contracts that he would not support.

The choice for president has never been clearer.

Mike Lawrence, West Richland