Letters to the Editor

Letter: Port, city cooperation on Vista Field is encouraging

Looking for cooperation and collaboration between entities to create something new and very different in our community? Witness what’s happening with the Port of Kennewick and the city of Kennewick as they develop the plan for Vista Field. I have never seen the level of enthusiastic partnership as displayed at a recent council workshop.

The elected officials and management of the port and city are to be commended for developing a culture of cooperative planning and willingness to look at new concepts. Their staffs and consultants worked many hours to develop a transportation infrastructure plan that maintains the unique new urbanism concepts of the Vista Field plan while ensuring adequate means of transportation and public safety — a plan strongly supported by both staffs.

Kudos to port officials for hiring the DPZ team that brought a very different vision to what Vista Field could become. The port is also to be commended for implementing a comprehensive public input process and most importantly listening to the public. We still have a long way to go in creating a truly unique Vista Field, but this initial display of teamwork between the city and the port is encouraging and bodes well for the future.

Ed Frost, Kennewick