Letters to the Editor

Letter: Plenty of live shooting available in Tri-Cities for firearms training

I respectfully beg to differ with R. Theron Cammer’s statement about firearms training not available in this area, especially the statement concerning “no shooting.”

I have taken three courses with Practical Edge Shooting and there was plenty of live shooting. One course dealt with home defense (mostly legal aspects of using a firearm to safely defend your home and family). I have also taken beginning and advanced handgun training courses, firing 250 and 500 rounds respectively.

These courses are comprehensive and not only deal with how the gun works, but also how to handle them safely and fire them accurately. They are taught by certified instructors, several of which are members of local law enforcement.

Once you complete the courses, they also offer monthly sessions of live firing to maintain your skills. I have no connection to this program, other than being a satisfied student, but wanted to make people aware that there are some choices out there in the Tri-Cities, contrary to the Cammer opinion.

Brad Hasty, Richland