Letters to the Editor

Letter: Attempts to downplay Hanford hazards are irresponsible

Dr. Steve Baker’s and Dr. Antone L. Brooks’ recent letters to the editor asserting that radiation is the only hazard for Hanford workers, and this hazard is negligible, are irresponsible and misleading statements.

The facts show that workers who have received compensation from DOE have many conditions that were caused by their work at Hanford and they are not all related to radiation. Chronic beryllium disease, a fatal lung disease caused by exposure to beryllium, is an example.

These letters give the false impression that radiation exposure at Hanford is the only hazard and, therefore, no one has become ill from working at Hanford, and these workers are trying to get compensation that is undeserved.

You do a disservice to those who have become sick and those who have died as a direct result from their exposure to beryllium or other chemicals at Hanford. Shame on you for your attempts to downplay the serious illnesses and deaths that have a direct link to employment at Hanford.

To those families who have a loved one seriously ill, or who have died, you have called into question their integrity, and diminish their contribution they made to the Hanford work force.

Janet Peterson, Richland