Letters to the Editor

Letter: Union carpenters, ironworkers available for building projects

The Jan. 3 newspaper reported on a local construction boom, great news! Projects being built are worth $2.8 to $62 million with no immediate end in sight.

Under the subtitle “Keeping up with the workload,” a company representative of G2 Construction stated that it’s hard to find a stable, reliable crew. That not everybody can erect a metal building and it’s difficult to find and train qualified employees. I beg to differ.

Ironworkers have been erecting metal buildings since they were invented and carpenters have always worked with metal wall studs as well. If G2 needs trained, stable and experienced people for this kind of work, I would suggest Ironworkers Local 14 and or Carpenters Local 1849.

Qualified help is but a phone call away with no training costs, available tomorrow. When the job is done G2 can just lay them off and bid their next job. Yes, you’ll pay them more per hour, but it’s money well spent for quality and profit, especially when working on multimillion dollar projects. Most of these projects are covered under prevailing wage laws, so your labor costs are not increased by hiring dependable union labor. Think it over, the value is there.

Randall Gosseen, Pasco