Letters to the Editor

Letter: Climate change solutions will actually benefit economy

Some people fear that the Paris climate talks may lead to policies which lower their standard of living.

But fear not! There are solutions that will actually benefit the economy while also protecting our health and the prosperity of future generations.

One solution, the carbon fee and dividend plan (CFD) is market-driven and revenue-neutral, requiring no government regulations or expenditures. It’s an escalating carbon pollution fee, paid by fossil fuel corporations and returned 100 percent to every American in monthly dividend checks.

CFD makes the affluent fossil fuel corporations, not taxpayers, responsible for the damage their products cause. That’s hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The fee on imports from carbon polluters like China will make them go green faster, and also revive our manufacturing sector. It’s worked for seven years in British Columbia, lowering energy bills and taxes with faster economic growth than any other Canadian province.

If we don’t act now, climate change will cost $44 trillion to $70 trillion. By acting now, the U.S. stands to gain $10 trillion, creating millions of U.S. jobs (net).

So don’t fear. You can still have your cake, while saving some for future generations.

Please ask your representatives to support the CFD plan.

Lora Rathbone, Richland