Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hysterical xenophobia about Middle East has got to stop

Look, I’m no fan of Middle Eastern culture; it’s too different from Southern California 1960s culture, which is my norm. But, this hysterical xenophobia has got to stop. It makes us look like a bunch of neo-Nazis.

Here’s my sure-fire solution to settle down the Middle East. Just turn off all of the cell phones and internet in the Middle East, period. It can be easily done. If my cable company can turn my channels on and off at a moment’s notice, I am sure the government can handle the cell phone stuff.

We tell the good guys that they have to root out and eliminate the bad guys, and then they can have their cellphones/Internet back. Then we just stand back and let locals take care of their own. They’ll get right on it, I guarantee.

Eric Nordlof, Kennewick