Letters to the Editor

Letter: Join League of United Latin American Citizens to build a better destiny

The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has a new council in the Tri-Cities. Although LULAC has existed for 86 years and has more than 1,000 councils across the United States, our council #470104 was formed three months ago. On Nov. 10 our council was inducted by national LULAC officials in a presidential dinner at the Red Lion in Pasco.

We want to thank the city of Pasco, our mayor, council members, Port of Pasco, county officials, and folks from Tri-Cities for their presence. We also want to thank Sen. Patty Murray and Rep. Dan Newhouse for sending representatives.

The motto of LULAC is “One For All And All For One.” In other words, what is affecting one person in the Tri-Cities affects us all. The celebration of one person in our cities is a celebration for all of us. Together we can be architects of a better destiny.

Our LULAC council is nonpartisan, and nonprofit. Membership is open to non-Latinos. Our only request is you have the desire to improve the lives of everyone living in Tri-Cities. I invite you to ask about it, join, visit us at facebook.com/lulac47014 or lulac.org

Gabriel Portugal, Pasco