Letters to the Editor

Letter: Re-engage with the ‘Save Our Dams’ movement

Many of your recall the Save Our Dams activities and petition drive that happened about 15 years ago. I am the founder of the Save Our Dams and, with a lot of your help, we circulated petitions and collected 888,000 signatures. We used them at Congressional hearings about the breaching the Lower Snake River Dams

I have been asked by many to get re-engaged is this issue and I am willing to do so with your help. As some of you know, Patagonia has been circulating and sharing a online petition at www.change.org called “ Crackdown on Deadbeat Dams,” which 75,000 or so people have supported and signed. Patagonia and others are using this platform as a propaganda machine to spread misinformation and manipulate the facts. This issue cannot be left unchallenged. So to start with, I have created a counter petition at www.change.org called “Save Our Dams.”

I would encourage you to get re-engaged like myself and sign and circulate and share the online petition and become involved in this issue again. It will become a bigger issue if you do not become involved. I will have more information at www.saveourdams.com, saveourdams@gmail.com, or at www.facebook.com/saveourdams

Tom Flint, Ephrata