Letters to the Editor

Letter: Fox News has liberal guests, too

In response to Gary F. Boothe’s Nov. 16 letter entitled, “Voters influenced by Fox News,” I assume Mr. Boothe is not among the 25 percent of American adults he claims view only Fox News.

Otherwise he would recognize the following past and present guests: Alan Combs, Kirsten Powers, Julie Roginsky, Doug Schoen, Leslie Marshall, Bernard Whitman, Jehmu Greene, Sally Kohn, Julian Epstein, Bob Beckel, Marjorie Clifton, Michael Brown, Lanie Davis, Juan Williams, Pat Caddell, Joe Trippi, Mark Hannah, Mara Liasson, Richard Socarides, Simon Rosenberg, Dick Harpootlian, Dennis Kucinich, and Penny Lee.

All of the aforementioned guests or regular contributors on Fox News are Democratic liberal “strategists” or spokespersons. There are more, but you get my point.

Florence Kirchner, Richland