Letters to the Editor

YAYLetter: Can new Yakima council represent all constituents?

I noted the reported gloating of the ACLU and Washington Democrats as chronicled in the Associated Press article, “Latinos pick up 2 (Yakima City) council seats” (TCH, Nov. 5).

The article exposes the Democratic Party’s commitment to conduct class warfare together with its ambition to strengthen its statewide stranglehold, particularly in conservative Eastern Washington districts.

This unseemly rejoicing presumes or implies several dubious notions, among them:

▪  Latinos are obliged to become or remain loyal voting Democrats.

▪  The well-being of the ethnic group cannot be adequately or equitably advanced by outsiders, e.g. “whites,” as referenced in the news article.

▪  Minorities are helpless to promote themselves in the community at large short of special government appeasement or lawsuits by far-left advocacy groups.

▪  A select minority may rightfully be served based on manipulative districting and “who they are,” rather than on their actions (good citizenship, voting record).

These notions, if even remotely valid, provoke the reasonable question — how can, for example, Native Americans, Japanese, African-Americans, or “whites” ever hope to find impartial advocacy at the hands of the new council members?

And God help the Syrian refugees promised us by Governor Inslee unless he appoints some Syrians to the council.

Henry Johnson, Kennewick