Letters to the Editor

Letter: Make visitors walk to top of Rattlesnake Mountain

Open the road to the bottom of the steep road at Rattlesnake Mountain. Build a small parking lot and gate across the road. Treat the area below the gate like national forest and the area above the gate like wilderness or national park.

We don’t need guides, and the plants and animals don’t need any more protection than those that live in wilderness areas. Local groups like REI, Friends of Badger Mountain, InterMountain Alpine Club, and Tapteal can be enlisted to help with initial improvements and maintenance.

Impose the same rules on all who visit the mountain. Improvements on top of the mountain will be fine if potential vandals have to walk four miles to carry out any mischief.

Anyone using vehicles to gain access beyond the gate should share in the expense of maintaining the road beyond the gate and the expense of any guides by any governmental agency.

Terry Miller, Richland