Letters to the Editor

Letter: Common-sense approach to illegal immigration won’t come from Trump

Donald Trump wants to round up and deport 11 million illegal immigrants. He doesn’t care if it destroys families. He doesn’t care if it orphans children. He doesn’t care if it goes against who we are as a people.

He just wants them out. Not only is Trump’s approach cruel, it is impractical. Rounding up 11 million people is roughly the equivalent of rounding up every man, woman, and child in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, and transporting them out of the country. It’s total insanity!

Trump is right when he says we need to control our borders. We have done a very poor job of this for decades, but here again, his approach is impractical. He says he wants to build a wall like the one in Israel. Israel’s wall was not built for the purpose of controlling illegal immigration; it was built to protect its citizens from attack and annihilation. Neither the Mexican government nor its people are such a threat to us that we need to build the type of fortification found in Israel.

Yes, we need a common-sense approach to our illegal immigration problem, but it won’t come from Trump.

Michael J. Nordsten, Richland