Letters to the Editor

Letter: Grassroots project would limit government’s authority and impose term limits

The government in D.C. is badly broken. No matter who we elect, Congress cannot ever fix it.

The Constitution’s framers foresaw a time when the federal government would abuse its power and gave the people a solution. We need a few common-sense amendments like a balanced budget and term limits for Congress.

The Convention of States Project is a nationwide grassroots movement working with state legislators to call a convention to propose amendments limited specifically to restricting the scope and authority of the federal government and term limits for Congress and the Supreme Court.

Uninformed people will mistakenly call it a Constitutional Convention and worry about a runaway, but a Convention of States to Propose Amendments is the exact prescribed method the framers of the Constitution gave the people through their state legislatures in Article V. It is a reaffirmation of the our Constitution by doing some timely maintenance. The framers expected it to be used.

The true runaways are an overreaching, out-of-control federal government by presidential executive order, a court system that creates laws, and an ineffective Congress that fosters a growing bureaucracy of unelected rule makers. Visit ConventionofStates.com for more information.

Stephen Peck, Walla Walla