Letters to the Editor

Letter: Starbucks cup color controversy is ridiculous

Starbucks cup controversy ridiculous

As an 18-year-old girl, there’s nothing I want more than to just enjoy my Starbucks drink. Do I care what the color of my cup is? No. Will I throw my cup away in the end? Yes.

This controversy on the Starbucks holiday cups being a plain red simple color is ridiculous. If people need snowflakes and a snowman on a cup to show Christmas spirit, then they honestly aren’t celebrating right.

Is it possible that Starbucks is simply just reaching out to everyone of all religions? News flash, not everyone celebrates Christmas, and not everyone celebrates the holidays. I remember learning this the hard way when I rang bells for the Salvation Army and called out “Merry Christmas” to customers, while an angry old man yelled at us for not saying “Happy Holidays” instead.

We still live in a world that isn’t accepting or understanding of other people’s morals or religions, and that’s disappointing. If I as a teenager can accept everyone has their own beliefs, why can’t other people learn to do it as well, and just enjoy our coffee all together.

Viyana Singsanavong, Pasco