Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rodriguez for hospital district board

We have had occasion to spend some time at Trios Hospital, and have been very impressed by the facility. However, there are reports that concern us about the management of the facility and the financial stability of the Kennewick hospital district.

For several years, there has been reported dissension and instability surrounding the hospital district. With two board positions up for election, an opportunity for change presents itself. We are acquainted with one of the candidates running — Cedro Rodriguez, who is running for Position 7.

We have known Cedro for approximately five years, and feel that he would bring a fresh perspective and much needed objectivity to the board. He is an intelligent, focused and caring individual who has taken the time to familiarize himself with the issues and challenges the Kennewick hospital district faces. With his background as a small business owner and his energetic leadership style, we are certain he can help the Kennewick hospital district to get back on track and continue to offer the area a choice in health care.

It seems to us that this is a critical election. We intend to vote for Cedro Rodriguez and would encourage you to do the same.

Carter and Denise Winks