Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Donahoe for Richland School Board

I am very pleased to highly recommend Rick Donahoe for Richland School Board. As a teacher at HomeLink, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing Rick’s devotion to children and education first hand. We are a unique school, but under Rick’s vision we have been able to create a diversity of programs that meet kids where they are and guide them to ever greater heights.

I have worked side by side with Rick as we’ve developed the only STEAM program in the region for middle school students. I’ve watched him mentor kids for years through drama and reading programs. Yet as a retired engineer, he also brings his analytic expertise to the complex problems facing a school district.

Rick is a perfect combination of hands on mentor, broad scope oversight, and personal understanding of the workings of a classroom that makes him the ideal candidate for school board.

Even before Rick was considering the school board, the students of HHS Drama showed their admiration for him by creating a T-shirt showing his profile, declaring, “Vote Rick”.

Once again, the students of Richland got it right: Vote Rick.

Trevor Macduff

2015 PAEMST Finalist