Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Barton for Pasco School Board

I recently had the joy of meeting and interviewing Kathleen Barton, write-in candidate for Pasco School Board Position 1. I was impressed by her accurate understanding of the challenges our district faces, her love for students and teaching, and her desire to provide tools and a nurturing environment so our students may realize their potential.

I believe Kathleen’s experience, strength of character, and maturity will be a tremendous asset to our school board. As a retiree, she has time to devote to the board and plans to be available and proactive to meet with parents, teachers, district employees and community members. If elected, she will be a key component not only in reshaping our school district to better serve students but be a healing balm to the turmoil we have recently experienced during the recent teachers strike.

After meeting with Kathleen and learning about her ideas of how to improve our district, I am convinced she is what the Pasco school district needs to move forward. Her enthusiasm and openness will well serve students, parents, school employees, and the community.

Christina Johnson