Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Richardson, Barton for Pasco School Board

As a mother of 5, education and the quality of that education is very important to me. For that reason, I will be standing behind Aaron Richardson and Kathleen Barton.

Both are rooted in the community. Kathleen has experience as a teacher and can help heal the pain caused by the strike. Aaron has three kids currently in Pasco schools and talks to parents every day. They both have great knowledge of the school district and the problems that have been ignored for the past several years.

I have seen many strong families leave for Richland and Kennewick, where the schools are better. Me and my family are also considering a move if things don’t change. I love Pasco and don’t wish to leave, but my kids need a better education then what Pasco is willing to give them.

I believe that with Richardson and Barton on the board, things like this summer’s strike would not have happened. They care about the kids more then the agenda of others around them.

Please join me in voting Aaron Richardson for Position 2 and Kathleen Barton as a write-in candidate for Position 1, to the Pasco School Board.

Krissa Peterson