Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Rodriguez, Campbell for Trios board

Trios is a huge asset to our community. The expense for this asset has gone up considerably with the building of the new Southridge Hospital and office building.

It is important that we have a well-rounded board at this time. Our current board consists of specialties in accounting and finance, economic development — including real estate and leases — newspaper reporter and public relations.

Cedro Rodriguez brings a viewpoint of someone successfully managing through the ups and downs of owning a private business. Don Campbell brings many years of experience as a contract and purchasing specialist. These are areas sorely needed to represent the residents of the Kennewick Public Hospital District.

I have talked extensively with both of these men, they are confident that they will be able to work with all current board members. They are honorable and honest men whose only agenda is to keep the community’s asset thriving and the highest quality of care for our community.

It is very important that everyone gets out there and votes.

Kathy Davidson

KPHD Commissioner