Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Stoker for West Richland City Council

I am voting for Ken Stoker for West Richland City Council. He understands that a city councilman has two major responsibilities: 1) to oversee the city budget and protect the taxpayers from excessive spending, and 2) to legislate on behalf of the citizens of the community.

Recent poor decisions by the West Richland City Council have been less than transparent, have been unfair to certain businesses, have resulted in lawsuits against the city, and have exceeded revenues at the risk of bankruptcy.

An example is the suit against the owner of the West Richland Golf Course, while giving preferential treatment to Shelby Super Cars. The imposition of park use fees of $5 per hour has disenfranchised youth sports leagues, who have invested substantial time and money in the Bombing Range Sports Complex.

The West Richland City Council needs to be reformed. We don’t need a council of “rubber stampers” and big spenders. We need someone like Ken Stoker with a discerning mind, good listening skills, and integrity. Vote for Ken Stoker.

Leon Howard

West Richland