Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Campbell for Trios board of commissioners

A recent letter to the editor in support of an incumbent Trios board member stated that “a new ship needs experienced hands at the helm.” Well, the Titanic was a new ship on its maiden voyage with a very experienced staff at the helm, and we know the outcome of that event. The crew of the Titanic avoided warnings and plowed ahead into dangerous waters, and it appears the Trios hospital administration may have acted as recklessly in their voyage of building a new hospital.

Fortunately for us, Trios is still afloat, but it is now time to map a plan to financial stability for our community hospital. Everybody agrees both candidates have the experience needed to be a board member, but a good argument can be made that it is time for a new set of eyes to review current operations and ensure everything that can be done is explored.

Don Campbell has contract and purchasing experience, which will be an important contribution as the hospital contracts with providers and his purchasing experience will ensure the hospital is spending its money wisely.

Vote for Don Campbell, change and a new direction.

Doug Austin