Letters to the Editor

Letter: Would good guy with gun matter in mass shooting?

Imagine you are at a convention, and with the recent increase in shootings, you decide to bring a concealed (permitted) weapon. After speech and dinner, hundreds of people are milling about in discussion, and you hear a shot ring out, then another.

During the ensuing melee of people running, screaming and falling over each other, you spot a man with a gun drawn, taking aim at someone else.

1. Do you shoot him?

2. How do you know he’s not someone like you, who thinks he’s spotted the shooter and is about to kill him?

3. How do you know you aren’t “in his shoes,” and now have a gun trained on you with its owner thinking you are the bad guy?

4. Or that someone might physically attack you for the same reason?

5. Could you easily miss and hit an innocent bystander?

6. With all the running and screaming, could someone run into your line of sight immediately after you decide to pull the trigger?

7. What would change, if you were a member of security, or a guard wearing a clear and distinct uniform?

D. L. (Andy) Anderson