Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Lathim for 9th Legislative District

On Oct. 11, you ran an article stating that Mary Dye and Richard Lathim have similar perspectives on many issues. On the opinion page you pointed out some of the differences between the two candidates, and explained why you are recommending Richard Lathim for the 9th legislative district.

I would like to offer one more reason to vote for Richard Lathim. Several months ago, during the primary election, I contacted both Dye and Lathim regarding an issue that I feel very strongly about. Mr. Lathim replied to my email within 24 hours and thoroughly answered my question. On the other hand, an assistant for Ms. Dye emailed me and said that she (Dye) would be contacting me soon. I never heard from her.

Do we want a representative that will listen to us and return our calls and emails? Or do we want one who will ignore us? I am voting for Lathim.

Mary Dengerud-Au