Letters to the Editor

Letter: Use fetal tissues to save lives, rather than throwing them away

I see in the news that the hate-mongering by the right has predictably produced yet more violence against Planned Parenthood in the form of a Los Angeles fire bombing of a clinic.

The apparent cause of the House vote to defund Planned Parenthood is their moral repugnance that aborted tissues might find their way into medical research. I suppose cures for ALS, multiple sclerosis, dementia, cancer or other such doubtless deserved punishments from God would indeed be deeply wrong.

By way of full disclosure, I led biomedical research on safer methods of terminating pregnancy during most of the 1970s, under work funded by our own state department. I traveled internationally and saw many early vacuum abortions performed in many countries. I saw the intensity of emotional experiences of women ending pregnancy, and the compassion of providers. Tissue disposal was truly the least of any possible considerations.

You would think people who are pro-life would support the idea of using these tissues to save lives, rather than throwing them away.

John Williford