Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bernie Sanders’ ideas are long overdue

Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont, is the real thing. He’s not indebted to party politics, he doesn’t take corporate contributions, and he’s been fighting for the middle class his entire political life.

Bernie’s not like other politicians. He thinks the middle class has been getting screwed and has real plans to help level the playing field.

On his website, Bernie lists 10 ways to raise revenue, reduce spending and create jobs. First, stop corporations from using offshore tax havens. Second, tax Wall Street speculators. Third, end tax breaks for oil, gas, and coal companies. Fourth, increase the tax on large inheritances. Fifth, tax capital gains the same as work. Sixth, repeal the Bush tax cuts for the top 2 percent. Seventh, apply the Social Security tax to incomes over $250,000. Eighth, establish a currency manipulation fee on China and other countries. Ninth, reduce unnecessary and wasteful spending at the Pentagon. And 10th, require Medicare to negotiate for lower prescription drug prices with the pharmaceutical industry.

Bernie’s plans are fair, practical, good for the economy, and long overdue. If his critics want to call these plans socialism, then I guess you have to call me a socialist.

Jack Edwards