Letters to the Editor

Letter: Rep. Newhouse should join Republicans calling for limiting climate change

I hope someone on Dan Newhouse’s staff hands him a copy of the Sept. 28 issue of the Tri-City Herald. There are three items I would like to bring to his attention.

The first is the article on page A1 about the importance of planning for disasters. The second is the article on B1 about the water challenges facing Mid-Columbia farmers. And the third is the spread on page A6 about PNNL’s long history of leadership in climate science.

It is time that Rep. Newhouse and other political and business leaders in Eastern Washington start paying attention to the expert opinion that resides in their own backyard and less attention to paid dissemblers or the ramblings of the uninformed.

We have known for some time that climate change poses a serious threat to irrigated agriculture. Meeting this threat will require adaptation, increased capacity for water storage, and yes, real action to attack the root cause of the problem — greenhouse gas emissions from the production and combustion of fossil fuels.

I urge Rep. Newhouse to join his Republican colleagues led by Chris Gibson (R-NY) and call for a Republican solution to limiting climate change.

William Pennell