Letters to the Editor

Letter: Appreciate the voices of Kristof, Flowers in the Herald

Don’t know when you started publishing columns by Nicholas Kristof and Christine Flowers, but I just “discovered” them a few months ago! Thank you for including them in our newspaper – I know you have hundreds of writers to choose from.

I especially appreciate Kristof when he reminds us of people and groups who are suffering and/or struggling from conditions that are foreign to our comfortable, relatively safe lives, and that we would just as soon ignore. We need to be reminded and find ways to help.

Flowers is a refreshing voice who says what many of us think, but are not able to say so eloquently. She is courageous, and I am sure she often feels like she is swimming upstream in today’s society. You are courageous to choose her voice, and I am sure I am not alone in appreciating her.

Ruth Harms