Letters to the Editor

Letter: Volunteers working hard to green up Sacajawea State Park

To answer Claudia Hibdon’s letter (TCH, Aug. 28), we do feel sad about the dry grass at Sacajawea State Park. Our park aides take great pride in keeping the park in good shape.

The water pump was out of commission for two weeks and the drought conditions in this area detracted from the park’s looks. The water pump is now fixed and the park is now greening up nicely. Our state park is 265 acres and is mostly taken care of by volunteers.

You cannot imagine how the guests from the paddle boat feel when they come to Sacajawea State Park, but I can, as I volunteer in the Interpretive Center when the boats come in.

I can tell you that they all tell me what a beautiful park we have and how lucky the people in this area are to have a historical park as pretty as this one is. I have never heard a negative response from any of them.

Why don’t you come and volunteer and hear the wonderful responses we get? The Interpretive Center is open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Pat Peterson