Letters to the Editor

Letter: Enjoy dogs in public spaces

This is in response to a letter by Keke Dwyer about dogs in public places (TCH, Sept. 17). I was not offended by her letter and I am sorry that she was attacked by a dog as a 3-year-old child. I cannot say that I understand how terrible this was. It is true that many dogs can sense an individual’s fear and may become more aggressive.

However, I do object to Ms. Dwyer’s attempt to deprive me of the opportunity to enjoy my dog in public spaces. She should be glad she does not live in the United Kingdom, where they are much more dog-friendly in public spaces.

Her fear of dogs is depriving her of the love and companionship provided by most dogs. Instead of trying to limit our enjoyment of our dogs, she should take the steps necessary to overcome her fear. I am sure that there are people that can help her. She should find out that she would enjoy life much more than she does today.

Dennis Ryder