Letters to the Editor

Letter: Many people enjoy dogs in public

In response to Keke Dwyer’s letter about dogs in public (TCH, Sept. 17), I would like to state that I enjoy immensely meeting dogs in public settings, and actually seek out those businesses which allow dogs on or in their property.

I trust the business or pet owner to know their animals and take any necessary precautions to make others also feel safe and welcome.

Ms. Dwyer states that she is afraid any time she is around a dog, and she knows they can sense her fear. She abandons her shopping only after informing the business she doesn’t appreciate them having dogs there.

What she fails to realize is that dogs are not malicious by nature. They may bite when provoked, or when they feel threatened. And yes, dogs can sense emotions, which is why they make great therapy pets, offering support, reacting to medical needs, and giving love and affection, all of which we need more of in this world.

Certainly, anyone has a right not to frequent a place of business if for any reason they are afraid to be there. But why penalize the rest of us who enjoy and seek out dogs when we’re out shopping?

Kelly Merrick

West Richland