Letters to the Editor

Letter: Exempt 55 and older from state taxes for education

School teachers are examples of integrity and leadership. No longer. They, by their action, teach our children that if you don’t like a law, break it and hold the citizens hostage by your demands. Ignore your individual contracts, averaging $53,000 a year statewide, plus benefits; after all, you’re doing it for the children.

The Washington Education Association holds the state education system hostage by its corruption of the justice system. Every Supreme Court justice’s campaign fund receives thousands of dollars from the school unions. The justices in turn tell the legislators they aren’t funding the state school system adequately, and in turn, we the people pay billions more in taxes for a failing school system. Our governor, attorney general, state legislators and school boards need to know clearly who they work for, if they won’t fix the problem the citizens can.

It’s all about money, our money. Bond and levy issues must specify strict controls and accountability. Local school bond and levy issues should be presented at the November general election for a larger voter turnout. Circulate an initiative to amend the state constitution to limit state taxation for education by exempting those 55 and older.

John Talbott