Letters to the Editor

Letter: Implement a national sales tax, replace federal tax code

Once again we have presidential contenders bloviating about revising the 80,000-page tax code. Implementing flat tax rates, closing loopholes, eliminating special-interest giveaways, and eliminating the carve-outs for favored industries are among the statements.

If only. Who believes the lobbyists and special interests won’t get their favorite tax exceptions? Who believes the so-called rich will pay their fair share?

There is only one way to ensure that all Americans share in financing the government. Implement a national sales tax so everyone pays upon purchasing new merchandise. The Fair Tax would replace the entire federal tax code, thereby stimulating the economy. Employees would see their take-home pay increase. Businesses would use their tax savings to invest in expanding their businesses.

Become informed about the Fair Tax by accessing the website fairtax.org, reading “The Fair Tax Book” and “Fair Tax The Truth,” both written by Neal Boortz and former congressman John Linder. Research the Fair Tax and see if it is not the most viable alternative to the existing tax code.

The Fair Tax bill in the U.S. House of Representatives, HR25, needs support from our congressional representative. Let’s get Congressman Newhouse to support the Fair Tax.

Dan Suter

West Richland