Letters to the Editor

Letter: Please show respect to other drivers and pedestrians

I would like to thank the Tri-City traffic engineers for the efforts they have put forward to try to keep up with the traffic and road conditions in the Tri-Cities, even though sometimes they have limited funds.

Until the drivers in the Tri-City area learn to follow the laws and respect other drivers and pedestrians, it does not matter what the traffic engineers do with the roads and intersections. There will continue to be uncalled-for wrecks.

There are many drivers who seem to think they are the only ones in a hurry and everyone else needs to just get out of their way. They are speeding, running red lights, cutting other cars and pedestrians off. There are the drivers who continue to use their cellphones, not paying attention to what they are doing. How many of you have followed someone weaving and going slow, using their cellphone?

Too many people have “a wreck won’t happen to me” attitude. It does happen way too often.

I challenge the people of the Tri-Cities to obey the traffic laws, show respect to other drivers and pedestrians and let everyone get home alive and safe.

Louise S. Peters