Letters to the Editor

Letter: Hard work begins now that Pasco teachers strike is over

The Pasco teachers strike has ended, and now the hard work of rebuilding our district into something better must begin.

Parents and community members have made their voices heard on both sides. Do not go back into silence. Involve yourselves in your children’s schools. Attend conferences and after-school activities. Join your school’s parent group. Attend board meetings and make it your mission to learn what policies are being adopted and how they impact your child.

Teachers, do not squander the goodwill you earned from your parents. Stay in touch with your students’ parents and remember they are your allies in educating their children. Attend as many after-school events as you can find time for. Continue to give your best to provide the best possible education for our students.

Administrators and board members have the hardest task. They have placed themselves in leadership positions voluntarily, and now they must demonstrate in meaningful ways that they are willing to do what it takes to improve Pasco schools.

Show yourselves to our community and advocate policies that will improve learning. Empty gestures and meaningless platitudes will not repair the damage done by the punitive measures you took during the strike.

Kathleen Barton